Come Train Legs With Me!

Training legs is so important me, we use our legs every day whether is walking, sitting, standing, running or stepping over something seems like simple all day everyday activities.

Legs are such a large muscle group to train. If you look at the anatomy of the body and the structure of the legs you will notice that there is a lot of different types of muscles that are all so important to your everyday life.

Working out I love the feeling of training legs and over time seeing the shape and conditioning take place. I even love that achy sore feeling a couple days later, cause I know worked them, and I know my workouts are working.

I will sweat, my legs will burn like they are on fire and shake like I’m a stumbling Bambi but I push through and the results are rewarding.

There is so many different ways and exercises to train your legs.

I tend to do two types of leg workouts: ONE being heavier weigh, lower reps. TWO being lighter weight higher reps. One thing that I make sure I do during both workouts is to squeeze and contract the muscle whilst it is under tension.

Today I will show you type TWO: Repetition

I tend to do 15-20 reps (How many times you lift the weight)

And 4-5 Sets (How many times you will repeat the reps)

Please remember to watch your form and technique you should be practicing your exercises perfectly to develop your muscles properly and minimize the risk of injury.

Here’s the leg workout hubby and I did just recently.

10min on seated bike (warm up)

Leg extension (4 x sets)

19kg x 30 reps

26kg x 20 reps

33kg x 20 reps

42kg x 15 reps

Walking Lung (4 x sets)

30 steps

Reverse hack squat (4 x sets)

20kg x 20 reps x 1

40kg x 15 reps x 3

Vertical leg press

20kg x 15reps x 2sets

Pin loaded leg press

31.5kg x 20 reps

40.5kg x 20 reps

49.5kg x 20 reps

Zoe Wood

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