Date Night

When was the last time you had a date night?

I love date night with hubby! Date night is so important to us. We always find date night helps us look forward to an outing together.

It is always easy slip into domestic life and to just sit on the coach, watch TV and go to bed. Sure that’s nice but you can do that any day of the week. Really when was the last time you had a date night? When it was just the two of you? Was it last week? Last fortnight? Or longer? No matter how busy you are, making sure you make time for each other is important. Plus a good balance of interesting activates that you and your partner like will always increase the intimacy of the relationship. These activates don’t have to be expensive outings or gifts. It is about the small gestures, the deeper feelings for one another, and time and space your giving to each other.

Once we have ordered a burger or two for Luke lol! We can relax soak up the atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company as the night develops so does our communication. We typically have good communication in general but when you dedicate your time and full attention to your partner you have no distractions interrupting you. Like the dogs wanting attention, TV, tasks around the house, the phone ringing, social media notifications, all that stops for your couple time together.

These date nights create beautiful moments together, connection to one another so we can always grow together as a couple.

Plus who doesn’t like getting dressed up now and then and looking good for their partner!

Now tell me what was your last date night?

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