Health Benefits For Dog Owners

Do you exercise with your dog?

Here are some benefits!

I loved animals growing up I have always had animals from dogs, chooks, goldfish and even lizards. My childhood dog Roxy and I would run laps around each other all day everyday. At the time I just saw it as fun! But it was exercise.

As years went on I found exercising with my dog was enhancing my health in so many ways.

Take motivation as an example; ah we all go through this… Sometime laziness creeps in and before you know it your laying on the couch watching TV and missing the gym. You have even missed your daily walk with your dog and your little fur friend is a sleep at your feet. But then your dog will put their head on your lap look up at you with those big puppy dog eyes and start to whinge. Talk about gilt trip! How could anyone say no to those eyes?! Right then and there your motivation kicks in! “Ok let’s do it, let’s go for a walk!” As soon as I say those words pure and excitement lights up my dog’s face and she turns into a crazy dog running towards the front door. Makes me giggle every time.

This always brings me pure joy seeing her so happy the smiles are infectious. I’d be lost without this companionship.

Now the physical benefits! My fur baby May in the photo loves to go for walks, play ball, swimming, surfing waves at the beach and going for runs.

These activities don’t have to take long; sometimes we will go for a quick walk around the block, which only takes 10mins. Something is better than nothing.

These physical activities benefit both May and myself by:

- Improving our immune system

- Cardiovascular system

- Bonding with your dog

- Increase stamina

- Building muscle

- Improve May’s behaviour (so she is not cooped up doing the same thing all day everyday and getting board)

We enjoy the day together, have fun all the while doing physical activity.

Here’s a list of physical activity for you and your dog.

(If I missed any please comment them below. I’d love to hear your ideas! J)

- Walking

- Agility training

- Hiking

- Fetch & chase: Try instead of just throwing the ball all the time; race your dog to the toy. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between the both of you.

- Bath time: Ok so May loves the groomers but is not impressed with me bathing her. She’s such a princess! I have tried to praise her with my voice, treats and toys but no she would rather go to the groomers. So once a month I treat her to the groomers and the rest of the month I throw her in the spa bath and wash her down. Even though she isn’t impressed with my bathing skills it is great exercise for me. Plus she gets extra attention.

- Swimming at the beach in the waves.

- Teaching them tricks


It is scientifically proven that dog’s feel more pleased when they see happiness spread across you face! So next time you see them give them a big smile and rise your eyebrows slightly!

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

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