Nutella Milkshakes WON'T Make You FAT And Here Is Why

Nutella Milkshakes won’t make you fat and here is why

Soooo do you like cheat meals? Cause I absolutely love them!!

Some may say cheat meals will wreck your diet and you will blow out. But I have never experienced this from eating Cheat meals. Reason being…

I find that a good structured cheat meal can actually help improve my diet and fitness goals. What I mean by good structure is 90% well balanced diet and physical exercise.

Cheat meals can improve my diet and fitness goals by:

- Aid in weight loss by temporary boosting the hormone Leptin (more about that in a later blog)

- Not feeling deprived

- Look forward and get excited for the cheat meal

- Boost metabolism

- Increase energy

- Replenish glycogen

- Plus many others

I always make sure I plan my cheat meal by knowing what Macros and calories I will be putting into my body. By knowing the science behind eating cheat meals I find dieting much easier and fun!

Find my Nutella Milkshake recipe below J

Zee Nutella Milkshake


- 3 x Tablespoons of Nutella

- 2 x Tablespoons of vanilla ice cream

- 200ml x Full cream milk



Whipped cream

Toasted marshmallows





*Remember one cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one clean meal won’t make you fit and healthy.

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

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