Why Is It So Important To Train With Your Partner?

Train together and stay together!

People all over the world are hitting the gym. But did you know that you can not only improve your physical fitness, health and well-being but also your romantic relationship too?

By going to the gym with my husband we find we push each other, communicate well with positive words, build constructive and challenging feedback to help better each other. Helping develop positive effects on our bodies and our relationship too!


Yes, training with your partner can bring you more happiness.

As we all know when we workout our body releases chemicals called endorphins. Triggering feel good feelings in the body and reducing the perception of pain by interacting with the receptors in the brain. I find when we workout together it is exciting to have the physical challenge and after the workout the feeling of satisfaction, having done a great workout together.

Efficiency of workouts

Whether we are both competitive, like to challenge each other or find working out together mentally and physically stimulating. When we work out together even though we might not notice it but it is a great energy boost between us. As we encourage each other to do another set, help with techniques or spot each other on that final rep.


Sex life will also increase… I don’t need to say any more lol!

Emotional bond

When we work out together we sometimes find that we mirror each other of the same exercise. This is called mimicry (the action or skill of imitating someone or something, especially to entertain or ridicule.) This can be displayed by lifting weights in a rhythm to one another. This way of exercising creates opportunities for us to have a better connect or “bond” benefiting health, fitness and relationship.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

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