Back Workout With Zoe Wood, Helle Trevino And Karina Lisenbee

Whether you are training for Olympia, bikini body or just love health and fitness, this back workout is for everyone!

This back workout includes, high repetitions and a squeezing method an absolute must for a strong back!

HINT Squeeze Method: Also known as peak contractions, static holds or mind muscle connection. This means at the end of the rep you squeeze/contract your muscles as hard as you can for 5 seconds. This can be done at the end of every rep of some reps.

Follow the guide below :)

Exercise One:

Pull Over

15reps x 4sets

Exercise Two:

Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down


Exercise Three:

Lat Pull Down


Exercise Four:

Barbell Bent-Over Row


Exercise Five:

Machine Bent-Over Row


Exercise Six:

Machine Row


Happy training :)

Video link:

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

Instagram: zoe_lee11

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