How Eating Burgers 3 Times A Week Helped Me Get Shredded

How eating burgers 3 times a week helped me get shredded

I was the guy that ate 6 meals a day with chicken and rice, beef and sweet potato, more chicken and broccoli and egg whites.

I was allowed to have ONE cheat meal every 10 days and it was only allowed to be something like a small pizza, or 1 burger and small fires.

That was the meal plan I was meant to follow to get “shredded”. I’m sure you have all heard it before. The “Bro Diet”.

Social gatherings were painful! I would have to bring my plastic container with my cold chicken and broccoli and sit back watching everyone consume cake and biscuits. Over and over again I would be asked, “Why don’t you just have a little bit of cake? It won’t hurt”. Back then even the thought of deviating from my strict meal plan would make me put on body weight.

I would look forward to that one cheat meal every 10 days. Come day 7 the cravings were at an all-time high and all I could think about was that cheat meal.

Day 10 would arrive and that cheat meal never tasted so good. The only problem I had was once I got the taste for the “BAD JUNK FOOD” I couldn’t stop. No junk food was safe. Even the old chocolate biscuits in the pantry that were 12months past use by date, stale and dry sitting behind the old soup tins. They were gone is a flash. This binge-eating marathon would push me into a huge calorie surplus and ruin the past 10 days of “clean eating”. I once calculated my calories over a 24-hour period and they were over 8000. My Bro Diet meal plan had me on 2100 calories. This was a huge problem!

I thought that there must be a better way! Why can’t I have a chocolate bar every couple of days or a small ice cream? These shredded guys on social media are. Maybe they just pose with the burger for the photo then once the photo was taken they would return to their cold, bland, dry chicken? That must be what they do.

Then I did some research… IIFYM.

If It Fits Your Macros. What a weird acronym. Surely you can’t consume “Junk Food” every day and get shredded. What a SCAM!

Oh how wrong I was.

IIFYM doesn’t mean that every meal is made up of junk “Junk Food” it means that you have the flexibility to fit burgers or ice-cream into your daily Macronutrients and long as you stay within your goals.

I still wasn’t convinced. So I thought I better really put this to the test. My goal was to consume at least 3 burgers a week leading up to my photo shoot whilst still at a calorie deficit.

On the days I would feel like eating burgers (which was most days) I would enter the burger into My Fitness Pal first thing in the morning and consume less calorie dense foods throughout the day and make sure I didn’t go over my daily Marco and calorie goals.

My favourite burger place Grill’d is labelled “Healthy Burgers” and my calories during this cut for my photo shoot were 2400. The typical burger at my favourite burger place (where they know me by name and my order) is around 500-600 calories.

Leading into my final week of my photo shoot I consumed 6 burgers in 8 days. I did document this on my Instagram. But I was the one getting asked the question “Are you actually eating those burgers or are they old photos?”

Because I changed my nutrition plan to IIFYM I am more consistent with my daily Macro goals and having the flexibility of eating burgers 3 times a week stopped the urge to binge eat on the day I was able to have the “one cheat meal”. Remember I still have a balanced diet with “clean food”. IIFYM doesn’t mean that you can eat burgers every meal. I follow the rules of 80% clean food, 20% processed or junk food. But in saying that I don’t eat “junk food” every day because I don’t feel the need to. I just have the flexibility to have a burger or 3 if I feel like it and I find that I am within 20-40 calories of my goals every day.

The method I use to calculate my daily calorie intake is as follows:

Body Weight in lbs x 11 = (x) your basal metabolic rate

Then you include your activity level.

3 x training sessions a week (x) x 1.3

5 x training sessions per week (x) x 1.5

This will then be your maintenance Calories. To lose weight you need to consume less and to gain weight you need to consume more. It’s that simple

This is my method of calculating my Calorie goals.

I then divide my calories up.

Protein = 4 calories per gram

Carbs = 4 calories per gram

Fats = 9 calories per gram

Protein = BW in lbs x 1.2 – 1.4

Fats = 25% of total calories

Carbs = remainder of calories

Fibre is 20-25g female, and 30-35g male

I am flexible with my Carb and Fats and I do change the % depending on my goals.

Again this is my formula; there are a large variety of them available on the Internet.

Following IIFYM allowed me to have a social life and the desired 6 pack I always wanted! And you can too!

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