Cold Weather Keeping You From Your Gainz?

Cold Weather Keeping You From Your Gainz?

Is the cold keeping you inside and unmotivated? - I have the ways to spark your motivation and keep you on the right track to achieving your goals! As if it's not challenging enough to consistently psych yourself up every day do to your exercise workout. Then *BANG* Mother Nature decides to drop temperature, while we turn our clocks back an hour (If daylight savings applies to you). As the cold mornings send chills down our spines for many of us warm-blooded types, it requires a lot of mental enthusiasm or crowbar to flick ourselves out of bed. Now you may ask how can we keep up our fitness routine on top in these conditions? EASY! 1. The night before - Sleep in your workout clothes. It will save you doing the freezing change in the morning. 2. Your wake-up alarm is your friend - This little alarm is a reminder of how bad you want your goals and progression. Hitting the snooze button will just delay these gains.

3. Get out the door - You can plan on going to a class or buddy up with a friend. That way you have already planned to be there.

4. YOU DID IT!!! - Well done! When you return to work, home or school victorious remember to reward yourself with a hot cup of tea or coffee. You deserve it! Plus, you are one step closer to your goals than you where yesterday. Well done!

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

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