Eat To Recover Your Body

You can lift all the weight in the gym but if you are not eating properly you could be missing out on precious gains!

Eating properly will help build a stronger, fitter, healthily and more sculpted body.

Here are some hints and tips to help replenish your body.

Post workout meal

After you have a hard workout, you are consumed in sweat, muscles are exhausted and hungry for nutrition. If you are interested in building muscle eat a high protein meal within 15 minutes of finishing your workout. If your goal is to slim down or stay in shape I would suggest eating within 45 minutes to an hour of finishing your workout.

Why do we need to eat after a workout??

Our muscles are depleted from glycogen (form of energy storage), tissues are broken down which causes protein breakdown or also known as Protein catabolism or proteolysis (Proteins broken down to their amino acid, absorbed into the bloodstream and used in the body), and lowers Adenosine triphosphate AKA “ATP” (ATP is the biochemical way of the body to store and use energy for your muscles and in fact for every cell). Our food replenishes our muscles, cells and body so we can fuel up for healthy body function and physical activity throughout the day.

Carb up

One of the best times to eat carbohydrates is after a workout as carbs are protein sparing (a process that the body collects energy sources from fat tissues, dietary fats and carbs rather than protein and conserves muscle tissue, WINNING!).


To grow your muscles your body requires amino acids. Therefore, it is an absolute must to have a good source of protein in your diet. Proteins from food and supplements will help supply amino acids to your muscle tissues. Resulting in the development of more muscle.


To help restore your glycogen

- Sweet potatoes

- Rice

- White potatoes

- Honey

Enhance amino-acid absorption

- Greek yoghurt

- Low – fat milk

- Egg whites

- Greek yoghurt

- Low-fat cottage cheese

Make the most of recovering your body!

Thank you for reading.

Kind reagrds, Zoe Wood

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