Keep Your Workouts Interesting With Push And Pull

July 26, 2017

Push Pull Workout


Today I want you to try a push pull workout.

I think it’s important to mix up your workouts, we often see the same “Bro” training split.

Chest and Tri’s

Back and Bi’s



If I follow the same training split every week I find myself going through the motions rather than trying to better last week’s workout. Change your workout routine to keep training interesting.

Training chest and Back together is a big workout, so make sure that you’re well fed and hydrated prior to this workout.



10 over grasp chin up Superset with 20 Pushups

30 seconds rest then complete andother 2 sets.




Seated incline chest press superset with seated row.

Note: with all the supersets the only rest I have is walking between the machines I’m using, keep rest times as short as possible, about 30sec. Adjust weights to suit the rep range.

1st set - 20 reps on each

2nd set - 15 reps

3rd set - 10 reps


4th set – 8 reps

5th set – 6 reps




Dumbbell bench press (see picture) superset with single arm bent over row

5 sets 30 seconds rest in between sets


1st set - 15 reps on each

2nd set - 12 reps

3rd set - 8 reps

4th set – 6 reps

5th set – 20 reps






Peck DECK superset with Rear delt machine

5 sets 30 seconds rest in between sets, this time hold and squeeze at the top of every set for 2 seconds


1st set - 10 reps on each

2nd set - 10 reps

3rd set - 10 reps

4th set – 10 reps

5th set – 10 reps








Max push ups straight into Max over grasp chin ups

3 min rest then complete again.

On my first set to failure I completed 88 push ups and 27 chin ups.


Thank you for reading.


Kind regards,





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