What Is Going On With Your Skin?

Ever looked in the mirror and wondered what’s really going on under the surface?

What is your skin hiding from you? What could you be doing better? How can I help prevent winkles, pimples, and dark circles around my eyes? Why does my make up always blotch by the end of the day? Are there any signs of skin caner?

To answer all my questions I went and got a skin analysis. A machine took photos of my skin which was able to give me an accurate reading of what my skin is doing on top and beneath the surface.

They took photos of my face from the front and both sides to get a good reading. Once the images have downloaded to the computer it gives a reading of:

- UV spots (otherwise known as sun damage)

- Porphyrins (Bacteria lodged in pores that can lead to pimples)

- Red Areas (The colour variation in the skin)

- Pores

- Wrinkles

- Freckles

- Spots

My skin specialist then discussed each type of reading and applied it to my photos and then recommendations on how to preserve or improve the appearance of my skin.

One image in question was my pores. It was quite textured as I have a built of skin on my cheeks that makes my pores seem larger than what they really are. (A leading cause of this was in my teens I suffered from acne and never really knew how to look after my skin.) They said with microdermabrasion I could help improve the look of my skin making it smoother, clearer and brighter.

Though I was more interested in the UV spots photo. Living in Australia we are always exposed to harsh sunlight. The Australian government has even published that the ozone layer is thinned over Australia allowing more UV radiation to enter and reach the Earth’s surface. Growing up I never really took notice of being in the sun, getting and a tan or that sunburn once a year. But over the years it all builds up and you can never really know what’s going on under the surface. With the information on the UV spots photo, the skin specialist can see what sun exposure you have and even assume signs of melanoma cancer. I’m not saying don’t go out into the sun! I love the sun! I’m just saying it is good to be mindful of the sun and understand what the sun can do to you body, even if you can’t see it.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Zoe Wood

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